What Is Popular Bathroom Colors? Get Inspiration!

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What Is Popular Bathroom Colors? Get Inspiration!

Popular bathroom colors – Have you found your color for the bathroom? Here you see our most popular colors for the bathroom. If you want to try out and color spaces, tap ‘See more colors’ and try our big color picker. Here, you also get inspiration, guidance and how-to guides for thorough renovation of your bathroom, a refresher of wall and door colors, or how your bathroom can be transformed into a wellness room.

Offline is the new luxury – a trend that is seen in our everyday life as a counter-reaction to modern technology, and which is now also infecting the interior design. We want closer to nature and to pace. Therefore, we invite the Scandinavian nature inside when we choose colors in the interior. The cool, Nordic colors signal a natural decadence and minimalist luxury. The keywords are simplicity, elegance and flexibility.

Look around in the Scandinavian nature for inspiration for the style and use the clear blue color from the water, gray in all shades from the beach’s stones as well as the cool, beige sand colors. Choose natural materials such as wood and marble for a relaxed yet exclusive look. Play with surfaces in both mat and high gloss, which gives a beautiful game in the room.

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