What Color Should I Paint My Room

Jun 2nd

What color should I paint my room – Accent walls or accent walls are increasingly to be found in modern furnishings. Not unjustified, because playing with color makes your interior feel alive and dynamic. The combination of the right color on a well-thought-out wall can also have an important influence on the spatial experience of the room. You can read here how you can paint or decorate a successful accent wall.

For a small accent wall, choose pure and eye-catching colors. The larger the surface of your accent wall, the lighter the color may be. If you have a large accent wall, you can also use colors that are less pure. These are color tins that contain grayer or contain a combination of different color tints.

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By playing with colors you can ensure that a small surface will make as much impression as a large accent wall in a light color tone. Conversely, the soft color tones will also ensure that your wall does not scream for attention. Glossy colors are busier than matte colors. It is best to avoid glossy paint on large surfaces. A high gloss level makes your interior look fresher, a matte color will create a more intimate atmosphere. If you can’t get out, choose the golden mean in satin gloss.