Very Interesting Vegetable Garden Box

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Very Interesting Vegetable Garden Box

Get started with a vegetable garden box with your children. You will see that they find it very interesting how a plant originates from a seed. Make a vegetable garden in a flower box or flower pot. You can easily plant a vegetable garden in a flower box or flower pot. A vegetable garden is also suitable for a smaller garden or for a balcony. You can choose to sow or plant directly.

If you sow it, it naturally takes a little longer before you can harvest, but it is very nice for children to see the seed germinate and to see a vegetable plant emerge. Of course you can also choose to immediately start with larger vegetable and herb plants. You have faster results and it immediately looks nice in a flower box.

Not every type of vegetable or herb that you sow or plant needs the same space. Take this into account. On the packaging of the seed or the plants you can often read back which planting distance is best for you. Very vertical is a vertical vegetable garden. By hanging a number of containers one above the other, you create a very nice effect. Moreover, it takes up little space. So it fits in every garden.

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