The Right of Mix Color to Colored Concrete Patio

Jun 19th

Colored concrete patio – It is both fun and fascinating to cast in concrete, and it certainly makes it no less interesting when adding color to the concrete. For the point is that when you add color to the concrete, you can really make impressive and not least unique projects.

The price for 1 kg of color powder is approx. DKK 130, and with a color addition of eg 5% you must therefore apply 1 kg color per. 20 kg dry concrete. This corresponds to the price of the concrete approx. doubled. And it can therefore, if you mold larger / thicker items, be a really good idea only to color the outer 2-3 cm concrete, if possible. When you mix color into concrete for the patio colors ideas, it is important that you mix it in the right ratio.

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If you mix too much color in the concrete mix for the colored concrete, you risk that you simply weaken the concrete. This is because the color particles are much smaller than the particles in the cement, and therefore settle around the cement particles. If there is too much color in the concrete, you can therefore reduce the ability of the cement particles to adhere to each other. Which reduces the strength of the concrete.