The Construction Of Boho Comforter

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Boho Comforter Twin With Boho Comforter The Construction Of Boho Comforter

Boho comforter – Top and bottom cover in between are sewn down. Cotton is best material with beauty, comfort and washable by machine. Beauty is to last long period of time with proper maintenance and care. Other materials are polyester and silk which lesser available than cotton. The comforter is also popular with the name of duvet. It is French term which fabulous in the construction.

Box stitch and baffle box, these two types of boho comforter construction. A checkered pattern is quite simple by sewing the material of the top and bottom in between. Baffle box comforter in bohemian style is for sure very exciting. Starting from 6 inch to 15 inch, the size is optional to represent your taste and requirement.

Boho comforter in a box stitch has also a checkered pattern. Sewn together both bottom and top forms boxes which actually serves the same purpose just like baffle box. This is great for the even spread of the comforter.

The common and expensively more between the two constructions is box stitch. You will surely want the good quality of bohemian comforter, right? Lighter in weight and usable with comfort for every season is certainly the benefit.

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