Subway Tile Color: Find The Look That Suits You!

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Subway Tile Color Options

Make a splash of subway tile colors in your bathroom. Find the look that suits you. Originally on the wall of metro stations, these rectangular tiles are cemented in the tile vocabulary. But a new crop of colors and sizes brings the variety to the market, as well as colorful joints and insert plates. The walls of this bathroom are clad in traditionally sized and colored underground tiles.

The room has a signature look thanks to a light tinted sealant which helps to smoothly shift between the clear white tile and chocolate brown on the upper walls. Subway tiles are an affordable option for bathroom walls and surfaces, so using them for the majority of your tile application will provide a cheaper project. But adding accent tiles can add pizzazz. The aqueous blue-green and green mosaic tiles adhere to this classic look.

The jewel-tile tiles and the shaped edging serve as a transition from the covered white underground tiles to the colored-open aqua wall above. Explore tile finishes and glazing options if you want the classic shape of subway tiles, but don’t want traditional white tiles. A crackling finish on the tiles of this tub surround gives the tiles a modern edge, and the wavy yellow tones create a sun-dynamic look with natural undertones.

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