Stone Garden Fountains Ideas

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Stone Garden Fountains – Water becomes an inseparable part of human life, as a source of soothing life and providing inner peace. For a minimalist home that prioritizes the function of each forming element, it needs air to be included in the design, it must also work optimally. The fountain is one form of water element in a minimalist home. The design of a fountain in a minimalist home is a part that blends with all space, becoming a soothing element, as well as a functional decoration element.

Many people are reluctant to include a fountain in the design of their minimalist home. Limited land to the difficulty of treatment, is the reason. In fact, there are actually many creative ideas to realize creativity and dream fountain in a minimalist home. Let’s find design inspiration stone garden fountains to soothe your minimalist home in this article.

Simplicity with deep meaning, in its simplicity, the air flowing through a small gap, soaking the floor beneath it, gives deep coolness and meaning. Water is a symbol of success through life, which ultimately becomes a space for others who see and hear the gurgling. You don’t need too much space, just need 50×50 cm2 in the corner of the room plus focus to get an impression like this. That’s some explanation about stone garden fountains.

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