Roof Garden Country Ideas

Jun 4th

The design of a country roof garden implies some common principles, but there is a lot of scope to decide what plants and decorations you use. Avoid creating a garden with too much structure. Due to the profusion of plants and flowers, country garden maintenance is sometimes labor intensive. Adjust the scale of the back garden or use resistant plants if you do not have the time to attend on a regular basis.

Define the garden area with a fence. Place planters around the edge of the garden, fill them with potting soil and stick to the fence posts on the ground. From plants with climbing flowers or vines that produce fruits such as grapes or strawberries. It is not necessary to have a continuous fence around a garden on the roof, so space the sections of the fence or simply put fences along one side.

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Make a trellis or arch the focal point of the garden. Set large galvanized tubs, on each side, fill with the ground and climbing plant roses. Cover plants under topsoil such as green leafy or gold basket in the tubs around the roses. Establish a garden bench under the arch. Create a simple water source by nesting a large, shallow container in a bed of pebbles. Choose a vivid color and simply refill the container when the water evaporates. Add interest by hiding pots on the cobbles and planting ornamental grasses that creep on the water in them.