Residential Vinyl Fence Color Ideas

Jun 5th

Vinyl Fence Color – Vinyl fences have several advantages over more traditional fencing materials such as wood or metal. Vinyl resists rot and mildew as well as mildew. In addition, vinyl is more flexible than wood and lifts to impact and strong winds. Perhaps most useful of all, vinyl fences come in a variety of colors that are worked in plastic. This variety of colors includes several organic nuances that never need to be repainted.

This bright white color does not have any texture but offers a soft barrier that makes no attempt at natural appearance. Smooth white reflects a lot of light and is more visible at night than other colors up close. The light maple color, the almond selection is a natural wood grain textured with ring light patterns. This color works well with houses of natural or brown colors but also matches white and cream colored houses.

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Pure white is bright and cheerful, but shows dirt easily and should be cleaned frequently and vigorously maintained. Mission Ivory is a shade darker than white and, while still providing bright colors, soft skins accumulations of dust and dirt. Texture with wood grain lines, natural clay is the dark color of baked clay pottery. This dirt color hides well and matches most home colors including special shades of green and plum. Natural clay is an organic color that blends well with the surrounding vegetation but is not very visible at night.