Quartz Countertops Colors Styles

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Quartz countertops colors – Many homeowners choose a style of quartz countertop that mimics the appearance of granite. The available colors are bright white, hot limestone, dark brown and dark gray. Natural variations in stone finishes help hide surface debris between deep cleanings. One of these finishes is practically guaranteed to match any finish of the case.

Quartz countertops in solid colors attract owners who do not want a busy employer at their counters. Solid-colored quartz countertops are best seen in kitchens that have cupboards and wood grain floors, especially woods such as oak, which have a lot of movement in the grain. The available colors change, based on design trends, but neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, brown and black are likely to be available year after year.

Quartz countertops are available in various finishing styles. Some owners prefer a high gloss, reflective surface that reflects the surrounding objects. These shiny surfaces can be difficult to keep clean, however. Other owners choose a matte finish, where the reflection of light shines, but spots and fingerprints are less obvious. Manufacturers also offer textured finishes, such as imitation leather or a pebbled surface. Textured surfaces help hide fingerprints and surface debris. After deciding on the finish, color and texture of their new quartz countertops, owners should choose a border style for the edge of the counter. A basic square border suits the modern decor, while the rounded edges are for children.

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