Pergo Flooring Colors Ideas

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Pergo flooring colors comes in traditional wood flooring and ceramic tile styles. Pergo manufactures hundreds of different wood grain and tile patterns, each with an even greater selection of shades and colors, from bleached wood shades to darker mahogany. Each Pergo tile is an individual piece of a floor puzzle, and when properly installed, the wood grain, planks and mosaic patterns align to give the illusion of authentic wood or tile floors, without maintenance. Pergo wood styles range from common wood flooring patterns to exotic wood grains and shades. The tile and simulated grain wood in each Pergo floor tile is actually a high resolution digital image.

Pergo style wood flooring imitates traditional designs of wooden flooring with simulated wooden planks. Multiple plank layout and wood grain designs are available in several Pergo collections, with such style names as Blocked American beech, Bedford, Brazilian and medium cherry, Hampton maple, bleached pine and midnight mahogany among many others. Placement of the boards can be straight from wall to wall, or staggered, as in Pergo’s casual collections.

Each style of wood and tile is offered in a full color spectrum, from a light, bleached tone to darker shades. Ceramic tiles Pergo floors are similarly offered in a wide range of colors for each model of the tile. The Pergo website allows you to see the color spectrum for each style of tile available.

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