Original Concrete Countertops Colors for Interior Design

Jun 15th

Concrete countertops colors – It is thanks to the industrial design that the role of the concrete was redesigned and it was finally introduced in the interior design. It is, today, more and more used by contemporary designers. It brings an original touch, makes the piece more mineral and at the same time its appearance makes it very easy to combine with the various styles of design. Dress concrete flooring is difficult, but installing a kitchen countertop or concrete bathroom is less expensive and will also bring to your room the desired industrial touch.

First of all, it is important to note that there are two types of concrete: natural concretes and composite concretes. These first are made from cement, water and sand, while the composite concretes are made from resin. In its raw state, the concrete is light gray or slightly dark. All the same there are three techniques to color it: tinted in the mass, colored on the surface or paint it.

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Usually the gray color is considered cold. A room entirely done in gray is a courageous decision, but perhaps a little risky. By cons, matched with wood, the gray color of the concrete is beautifully elegant. For this reason, many designers often opt for this marriage, which has become classic in industrial design .