Nice Neutral Living Room Colors

Jun 18th

Neutral living room colors work well throughout the house; they can make the difference between a comfortable space and a room that is not very attractive. Most think of neutral colors as they are just beige or light brown; there are a few more colors that work as neutrals, creating a living room that is not only beautiful but functional, too.

Beige colors are commonly considered neutral shades and may range from taupe hue. Depending on the amount of pigment and the underlying tones, these colors can be a cool or warm color. Beige with a yellow tone tends to be on the warm side and creates a cozy atmosphere. Mole with a blue tone, on the other hand, will tend to have a cooling effect in a room. Be aware that it underlies shades in neutral colors such as beige, beige, brown and khaki, since these subtle, underlying tones can influence the way a room looks and feels.

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Green might not seem to be a neutral color, but under certain conditions, it works quite well. With blue shades, green provides a cooling sensation to a living room, while green with yellow shades gives a warm cast. Softer and lighter shades of green are usually recommended for a living room with a tendency towards greens that have been softened with gray, brown or yellow.