Nice Garden Arches Trellises Arbors And Pergolas

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Best Garden Arches Trellises Arbors And Pergolas

Wood is a natural material and is an addition to your garden in various ways. In addition to a lot of greenery, wood should not be missing in the garden design. You will find woodwork in almost every garden. Think of garden arches trellises arbors and pergolas! But there is so much more possible with wood. We not only enjoy working with wood, but also have many practical and surprising ideas and solutions.

Enjoy your garden in a sheltered shady area under a beautiful overgrown pergola, berceau or arbor. Out of the direct view of your environment and therefore with privacy. Nice in the shade or partial shade. A pergola is an enrichment in your garden that adds atmosphere. A pergola brings more tension, depth and height to the garden.

And a pergola is functional because you can grow beautiful climbing plants with or without flowers and it creates shade and privacy, also from above. Determining the correct height is important because you do not want to lose the entire view of the garden. To serve as a shadow spot, the correct location for the pergola must be determined. From round to square, many shapes are possible. From classic pergolas to sleek modern frames. There are enough options.

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