Nice Bathroom Color Ideas

May 31st

Bathroom color ideas – A colorful bathroom adds personality to your space. It can even help to start the day with a smile. Colorful rooms can be modern or work in a child’s bathroom. Decorating with color may be inexpensive, but it still makes a big impact. Tile is one of the most permanent ways to add color to a bathroom. Mosaics often have several shades of the same color. Try a metallic finish of an updated version of the mosaic tile. For a monochromatic space such as an all-blue bath, put the tile on the diagonal for added interest.

Base your bathroom around your favorite piece of art or turn your space into a work of art itself. The painting can transform a low cost bathroom. Work uses brightly colored palettes and tones combined in a way you could not have thought of before. Continue art on the wall using the same color palette or paint a grid inspired by the artwork directly on the wall. Paint a bathroom with stripes to carry in various colors. Vary the width and color of each band to create a focal wall.

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The painting can update the bathroom color ideas vanity. If you have flat front cabinets, use the area as a canvas. Paint a single graphic flower on the doors in bright orange or pink that will appear against the white walls. For a child’s bathroom, paint each door a different color, such as magenta, green, orange and blue. Continue with the eclectic theme by adding several drawers of different colors to each drawer strip.