Multi Color Curtains For Brown Rooms

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Multi Color Curtains For Brown Rooms

Multi Color Curtains – Avoid having a house with a boring white and beige color scheme for being creative and experimenting with color. Brown is a good starting point for wall color, as it looks good with several different curtain color options. Knowing how different colors interact and how they can influence mood is the first step in deciding how to put curtains in your room brown. What is more, it is important to take the type of room you are trying to decorate into consideration.

The kitchen is often the center of the house, where the family gathers to eat, as well as to discuss the events of the day. Due to its centrality, many people prefer the color scheme in their kitchens to be bright and cheerful. If your kitchen has dark brown walls, yellow or orange curtains will lighten up and make it a more energizing place. Yellow and orange are “analogous”, or harmonic, with brown, because they fall within three shades of each other in the chromatic circle.

The living room also has a central function in the house, but that usually has a more fun feel to it. If your living room has brown walls, an interesting choice curtain color would be purple, blue or fuchsia. This fall directly through brown on the color wheel, which means they are complementary, or contrast, colors. Opposite colors in the chromatic circle make each other “pop” and add interest to the room.

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