Most Popular Granite Colors In Standard

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Most Popular Granite Colors For Kitchens

Most Popular Granite Colors – Granite is one of the most popular materials for home decoration. It is used in countertops, floors, toilets, and sinks, as well as walls, fountains, and flowerbeds. The standard types of granite are grouped by color instead of the region or offset. In this way, it is easier for interior decorators to choose the style that they suites.

Black granites range from absolute black, composed of granite without color variations to granite with mica specks and other minerals, which give a green shine. Black granite can be marble in other colors such as white or pink. Black granite is mined in Sweden, South Africa, India or Australia. Blue or blue granite is so called because it has blue in the granite stone. The exact name of the stone depends on the country of origin. Azul is used in Spanish-speaking countries. Blue granite mixed with black, gray, brown, pink or white stone can be found.

White granite is mined in China, Italy, and Brazil. It can be mixed with many other colors, but always shows a predominance of white. White granite can also have an ivory caste. Metallic granites have a concentration of gold or copper in the mixture. They are usually mixed with white, gray or black. A little gold is also found in pink granites. Gold and granite copper can be found all over the world.

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