Look Good Hardie Board Siding Colors

May 31st

Hardie board siding colors – The house colors have all grown up. No longer limited to weak gray and weak knee beige, side walls include a larger rainbow (but still not all). Very strong colors (solid greens, gold, brown, red, etc.) Still not the norm. One of the reasons is that vinyl siding, which represents a large part of the sidetrack market – about one-third, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute – usually doesn’t wear bold solid colors well.

Although improvements have been made in … more color-fast technology, fats still fade faster than lighter colors; or at least it appears that solids fall more prominently than lighter colors. Yellow is one of the best for siding colors around. It has a classic feel that looks great with white trim, but it is fresh enough to look modern and timely.

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You can’t see many brown house siding colors in vinyl. That’s because the lighter colors tend to improve over time in vinyl. But with newer manufacturing methods, deeper brown vinyl siding colors are possible. Green with a touch of soothing blue, this house-faced color in HardiePlank will look good in any neighborhood.  Tuscan gold from James Hardie Industries is another unique house color that you might want to consider if you want to make your home out of the crowd.