Lavender and Grey Paint Colors for Living Room

Jun 22nd

Grey Paint Colors For Living Room – When mixing lavender or gray paint, white paint is required to dye or lighten darker paint in order to create a lighter shade. In this case, purple and black paint is used as an additive for the white paint to create the desired colors.

When mixing the paint, lavender and gray are shades of purple and black. This simply means that the two colors have been lightened by the addition of white paint. To achieve either lavender or gray paint, you need three basic colors of paint – purple, white and black. If purple paint is not available, the mixture of red and blue paint together will get a purple color.

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Lavender is a clear purple dye and is achieved by adding small amounts of purple paint to the white. It adds the purple reason for white paint is that it is easier for a paint color to darken the light of dark paint color to lighten it. The addition of small amounts of purple to the white will gradually develop the desired correct lavender color. To produce clear lavender paint, your mixture will be 15/16 white to 1/16 purple. This would be comparable to a white cup to 1/8 teaspoon of purple paint. If the lavender is too dark add more white, if it is too light, add more purple.