Kitchen Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets Ideas

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Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets – Little by little, as wooden cabinets became common, kitchens got browner. In recent years, gray has become popular, as have combinations of browns and grays. Both colors work well in kitchens, but you can use almost any color in your kitchen. Depending on the specific design and lighting characteristics of your kitchen, other colors and color combinations may work even better.

As always, many good design ideas come from nature. Blue sky kitchen walls look attractive with a green grass floor. The color inspiration can come from the sandy and gravel beach; colors in this range are mixed well with natural woods. You can have oak cabinets, with sand colored walls and gray linoleum or vinyl flooring that has about the same amount of color variation in the design that can be found in the gravel. Your own garden is also an excellent source of kitchen colors.

That connects the interior of the house to its surroundings through color always works well. If you have a small apartment in the city, use the kitchen area as the focus of a palette drawn from your surroundings, including billboard colors, stainless steel skyscrapers and asphalt pavement. Your kitchen can reflect these colors with stainless steel appliances, cabinets and countertops in black or gray laminate flooring. For a more specific urban palette for your kitchen, look out the kitchen window on a sunny day, a cloudy day or at night.

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