Instructions for the Garden Arbor

Jun 11th

Often mistaken for arbors and pergolas, garden arbor is an independent structures in general, consisting of two mesh sides and a lattice roof. Not necessarily designed to provide shelter or shade, instead they provide support for climbing plants such as ivy, climbing roses and honeysuckle. Although its concept is simple, its design can vary greatly from one to another. Through the placement, design and materials you choose, your garden gazebo can be as unique as your garden itself, adding interest, dimension and even some function if you wish.

When choosing or designing a tree, its intended placement and purpose are important. Some gazebos serve as entrances to the garden, while others provide focal points within the garden. You can use them to divide large spaces outdoors or serve as decoration on a garden path. Its placement can dictate elements of its design. Arbors used as entrances may need to be recharged or more substantial than gazebos located inside the garden. If you intend to place one in a corner of the garden, you can decide to choose one that provides shade or seating.

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An important function of a garden arbor is to give dimension and height to your garden. Most already do it with their trellises, which offer support for plants and vines, but some sturdy, flat-roofed arbor designs allow for a small garden to be suspended on the container roof as well.

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