Installing The Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

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Installing The Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

Wall mounted garden hose reel is available in a wall mounted version and a guy who is sitting on the floor. Both types contain an internal wheel and an external crank, which wraps the hose around the wheel when it is turned on. Mounted coils are usually placed on the side of the house and offer the advantage of not taking up space in a patio or terrace.

Select a location on the outside of the house, where the short connection hose, always with the spool, will reach an external water tap. Turn on a beam detector and hold it against the wall. Keep the coil wall plate to the side of the house at the location of the wooden posts. Insert a 1/8 inch drill bit into a hole. Drill a hole 2 inches deep in the market place with a pencil. Attach the mounting plate to the wall and align the screw holes with the holes in the wall.

Insert a drive screw through the front of a screw hole. Tighten the screw almost all the way in the use of a hexagonal wrench. Insert the other three square head screws in the same manner and then squeeze them. Lift the loading tube, which is the short piece of tube that comes with the hose reel. Pick up the circular main part of the hose reel and slide the center opening. Connect the free end of the connection hose to the external water tap. Connect the male end of the garden hose to the central rotating union on the spool.

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