Ideas To Make Garden Water Fountains

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Garden water fountains can add a touch of fantasy to your garden landscape. You can create your own water source from the garden using common household objects and some necessary mechanical supplies. Make a fountain using a planter, a bird fountain or an old whiskey barrel as a deposit. While the container holds and is at least 8 inches deep, you can turn it into a source of water. Beautify the garden fountain to suit your landscape with colorful ceramics, copper foil, river stones and other types of metal or natural stone. Drill a 1-inch hole in the bottom of a metal wash tub. Use an old metal wash tub, provided it is water resistant, or buy a new one from the craft and refreshment stores.

Spread a thin layer of glue around the hole drilled in the interior of the wash tub. Press mosaic tiles in the adhesive mortar, as close as possible, but do not cover the hole. Cover the inside of the wash tub with mosaic tiles and adhesive mortar; work in small sections at the same time. Cut the pieces with tile pliers as needed to adapt. Place them as close as possible to each other, but remember that a certain amount of space between the tiles is inevitable. Allow glue to dry.

Cover the outside of the tub with mosaic tiles and adhesive mortar. Do not cover the bottom of the wash tub. Allow glue to dry. Glass marbles with backing of glue planes on the top of the tiles with clear construction adhesive, water resistant to cover any space and to add decoration. Let the glue dries.

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