Ideas Of Roof And House Color Combinations

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Roof And House Color Combinations Decor

Roof and house color combinations have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing the right exterior color colors for a home. Far away are the limited choices of white or beige. Today’s home boasts designer colors that reflect the personality of the owners.

Vinyl Colors

Vinyl comes in a variety of color options and is very easy to handle. Color combinations choices range from subtle shades of cream to more dramatic shades of midnight blue. Choosing the right color for vinyl depends to a large extent on the size and shape of the home. Smaller homes and ranch styles tend to look larger with lighter shades like vanilla or pale yellow, as darker colors tend to make more compact size homes look smaller.

Wood or Cedar

Wood or cedar homes have many options when it comes to color. While some designers and homeowners choose outdoor color, others prefer to use stain giving at home a more rustic style. If you choose an outdoor color, be sure to choose a color that will hold up to fading. Even the best of color will eventually fade, so it is important to choose a deeper color that will give you the most between touch ups time. Much like vinyl, the best color for a wood or cedar home is based primarily on size, with smaller homes better suited for lighter colors such as sand or bisque, while larger homes are best suited for darker shades such as espresso or antique gray.

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