Ideas Of Raised Garden Bed Soil

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Ideas Of Raised Garden Bed Soil

Raised garden bed soil for Mushrooms can build up over time as a result of improper cultural methods such as failure to rotate crops. Genetically related crops such as potatoes and tomatoes can be susceptible to fungal infections and can cause similar fungi to build up in the soil. The presence of fungi in the soil can cause root rot, dampening or wilting. If you suspect there are fungi in your soil, you can kill it by solarizing your soil.


Break up your soil to a depth of 12 inches with a rotor. The raised garden bed soil should be loose with some large lumps, as if you were about to plant a seedbed. This soil preparation will help your soil heat evenly and prevent debris from puncturing the plastic. Water the garden ground so that the dirt is as moist as a wrung out fungus. Soil pathogens are more sensitive to high temperatures in moist soil.

Double over clear greenhouse plastic which is 4 miles in thickness. White or black plastic will not allow UV light to pass through it and into the soil to heat the raised garden bed soil effectively. Spread doubled plastic over your soil. The plastic causes a greenhouse effect that will repair the soil and kill fungal infection as well as nematodes and bacteria. Attach the plastic to the ground by pushing the landscape staples through the plastic and into the ground with a lollipop. Allow plastic instead of at least six weeks to properly kill fungal infection. Land polarization requires long, hot days to properly heat the soil. In colder climates, more time may be required to properly heat the soil.


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