Ideas for Insulated Vinyl Siding Colors

Jun 19th

Vinyl Siding Colors – Vinyl siding is one of the most versatile types of siding, available in several different configurations and many different shades, colors and even textures. The value of this coating is increased when it is isolated, the addition of a protective layer to the house that traps warm air in the winter and frees the owner of heat in the summer.

Among the most popular colors of coating, white is available in virtually all manufacturers, often in various shades. White reflects most of the light of any color coating and can lower the ambient temperature of the house. White’s property tones include pure whites, such as Glacier White from Pelican Bay and white colonial from BPB. Bone-toned tones are accented by shades of light blue or beige and cream include Adobe by Seneca or camel by KP Building Product.

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Shades of blue, another popular coating color, complement the uniform white, gray and red trim and, while darker than white, only absorb an insignificant amount of sunlight in darker shades. Light shades of blue include the medium and cool BPB’s Oxford Blue, the muted heron or the dark and slightly green ocean of KP’s Products for construction. Like blue, green is a cool color that is compatible with both light and dark colored settings. Light shades of green include Coastal Shade to Precision Manufacturing and Sage by KP Construction Products, while darker shades include Ivy Silenced by Charter Oak.