Ideas Dark Bedroom Wall Colors

Jun 17th

Bedroom wall colors – After years of sleeping in a room of a specific color or looking, you may have decided that it is time to change it and go with a different color. You might even want to go with a darker color. Dark colors are excellent for bedrooms, as they are relaxing and can help promote sleep. Of course, before you start painting your room, there are some tasks you must do first.

Take everything out of your walls and either put them in a different room or is in your bed. Move the furniture in the center of the room. You will need the space around the walls to paint, in addition to moving all the furniture in and out of the room can take a lot of time and effort. Place the plastic cover sheets on your furniture. Even though everything is in the middle of the room, paint drips are possible, so covering the items is a good idea. Wash the walls to remove dirt, dust or dirt.

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Apply two coats of primer over your lighter paint. Make sure each layer is thin. This will provide a smoother layer when the actual paint is used. Be sure to allow each layer to dry before applying the next. Wait for the second coat of primer to dry, and then apply the first coat of dark paint. Although dark paint can cover the primer and light paint quite well after a single layer, you want to use at least one more layer. Allow plenty of time between the layers so that the paint can dry.