How to Mix Two Hardwood Floor Colors

Jun 9th

Hardwood Floor Colors – In many homes, hardwood floors increase the attractiveness and beauty of a space. Depending on the color of the room decoration, you can choose different shades of wood floors and colors to create a unique look floor. One way to create a unique space of its kind is to mix two colors of hardwood floors. The colors can be as complementary or contrast what you want for space. The mixture of different shades of wood makes visible the richness of the wood in other areas of the room.

Create a border around the room. For rooms with dark walls, improve the space with light colored wood as a border. Choose a darker shade of wood for the rest of the plant. Rooms with lighter walls can have a darker border around the room, with lighter shades of wood creating the rest of the floor.

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Alternate two shades of wood that are slightly different in diagonal tones across the room. Choose a tone from laminate flooring, then choose another color one tone up or down from the original choice. The subtle difference will highlight the richness and depth in the room and look like a personalized floor. Installation of wooden tiles in two different shades to create a tile look in a kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Choose laminate flooring in medium tone (walnut), then in contrast to a lighter (oak) or darker stain (mahogany).