How To Choose Garage Door Colors

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How To Choose Garage Door Colors

Garage Door Colors – Do you want to fix your house with new paint or siding? The seat and the entrance door need a new coat of paint, too, so you can choose a different, more modern color. From the garage door constitutes approximately 30 percent of the front of your house, which contributes significantly to the charm of your home. If you buy a new door or paint the one you have, choose the color carefully so your neighbors will say “Wow!” Instead of “Oh, no!”

Walk around your neighborhood and take a good look at houses and garage doors. Evaluate the color scheme of the homes and the character of the neighborhood. If the houses are all white, beige, yellow or light blue to match the garage doors. Paint your door the same color as your home to give your home a uniform look and make it look bigger. In case you insist on a different color, make it complement the house and use a close tone. For your brown house, for example, choose a color of cocoa that is only slightly lighter than the one in the house.

Resist the temptation to paint the garage door the same color as the seat and the front door. Armada blue shutters and a navy blue front door could look good with your yellow house, but do not transfer that to the garage door. The accent color in the garage could make your home look disconnected and could draw too much attention to your home.

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