How To Change The Deck Stain Colors

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How To Change The Deck Stain Colors

Changing the deck stain colors does not have to be a huge job. If the current stain is in fairly good condition, you should be able to stain right over it with a dark stain, as long as it is cleaned first. The change from a dark stain to a lighter one is a bit more difficult because the old stain must be stripped first. There are some very effective products in the market for the extraction of stains and lightening of the wood. Once this is done, you have your choice of colors.

Clean the cover with a brush and covered-wash detergent. Pressure washing is another option, but it can damage the surface of the wood. Rinse the clean cover. Use clear plastic sheets or fall fabrics to protect the gardening plants next to or under the cover. Apply the stain cover separator to a clean, dry cover with a mop, garden sprayer or large brush. Apply the polishing cover the next day.

Allow covering dry for at least one day after the application of water-based dye or two days if using oil-based chloride. It is possible colors of test inks in one, dash on your deck off the track to make sure it is the color you want. Brush the new stain to the clean and dry deck. Make three or four plates at a time, finishing each cover strip without stopping to avoid back marks of the brush.

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