How to Apply Fixer Upper Paint Colors

Jun 22nd

Apply fixer upper paint colors to the wall before painting or not applying it; that is the dilemma. But the answer almost always turns out to be a yes. Apply sealer or prime the wall, whatever you want to call it. It can mean spending more money and time. However, long and short term; both, the money and time invested, are actually lower.

It’s amazing how a product that is obviously priced less than our gallon of paint can save us the expense and the need to buy more paint in the immediate or long term. It must also be said that the workload or effort presented by applying the sealant is greater than the workload of buying nothing but paint if, and only if the wall in question is in perfect condition.

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That is to say, it does not need a sealer to guarantee an optimal color finish and maintenance of the paint. For the rest of the cases (that is to say 90% of them), it is necessary to prime the surface before painting it. The process is much simpler than applying the paint, although it is sought to cover the entire surface evenly; Actually it does not matter much to have an extremely sharp finish like with paint. After all, the wall is not intended to have a specific and uniform color.