How did Solar Powered Garden Lights Works

Jun 19th

Solar Powered Garden Lights – Lighting courtyards and gardens at night create an attractive landscape. With the advent of solar garden lights, this effect is easily created without the expense and hassle of installing lights with electric power and flashlights. You will love this kind of lighting in any occasion.

Each solar light has a small power panel on top that collects solar energy and stores it for future use in an internal battery. Depending on the model, the battery can be nickel and nickel or cadmium metal hydride. As daylight and dark decreases, a solar light sensor activates the battery, which turns on the solar LED (light emitting diode).

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The more that solar lights in the garden are exposed to the sun, the better. If you receive a full exposure for most of the day, the garden will be fully lit eight to 10 hours after nightfall. During the winter months, when the days are shorter, the night lighting of the lights can be reduced to the middle. Patios and gardens with lots of shade or areas that are usually cloudy for much of the day are not recommended for solar lighting. The lack of direct sunlight will make the lights inoperable or significantly reduce their illuminating faculties.