Here Are Some Best Living Room Colors Ideas

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Here Are Some Best Living Room Colors Ideas

Question best living room colors, all tastes are in nature. And that’s why we are often stuck when we have to choose the color of our living room. White is safe but not really original; color, with pleasure, but which not to be disappointed with the result? So, if the final decision is based on our tastes, here are some color rules to follow to be sure not to be wrong and create a harmonious decor.

Paint large strips of colored paper that you like. Apply them to the living room walls using double sided for several days. You will see that you spontaneously eliminate some colors. Think also in terms of atmosphere, more than aesthetics: if you want to transform your living room into a cozy and relaxing room, your choices will naturally go towards soft colors and neutral tones!

As in fashion, decorating stylists agree to respect the rule of three colors at most in a living room. These must be: in harmony: the neighboring colors on the chromatic circle (purple, blue, green). In contrast: the colors in opposition on the chromatic circle (red, blue, yellow). Complementary: colors diametrically opposite (yellow and purple). Your color “red thread” can then be declined in the kitchen and the entry, by keys, to become the color theme of your decoration.

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