Harmony Japanese Rock Garden

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Harmony Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese rock garden – A Japanese or Oriental garden has a very characteristic design and often makes optimum use of the available elements from the environment. Although these types of gardens sometimes seem to be quite full, these gardens radiate tranquility, balance and tranquility. A Japanese garden is therefore a place of harmony and meditation. You will relax because this garden radiates that peace for you. In these types of gardens a lot of attention is paid to a suitable design and decoration .

The Japanese are much stricter in the design of their garden than we are. This is the big difference between Japanese gardens and Western gardens. We use various garden styles and find it no problem to make combinations in this. They certainly do not know this freedom in the land of the rising sun.

Every garden can be decorated in a Japanese style. The size of the garden plays no role in this. The larger gardens are often divided into various sub-areas. This offers opportunities to add a lot of variety to the garden and to give each part its own theme and accompanying atmosphere. The sub areas can be separated with arbors, bedding, hedges, terraces, patios and water features . In addition, you will often find various paths of stepping stones through the garden.

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