Harmonies Farmhouse Paint Colors

Jun 11th

Farmhouse paint colors – You want to repaint your bedroom , living room, kitchen, bathroom or your corridors in farmhouse style, but you do not know which color to choose? Here are some professional tips to help you choose the color of your interior paint. Choose the color according to the desired mood. The warm colors (yellow, orange and red tones) bring dynamism and are ideal for refueling. In contrast, cold colors such as green or blue, are more soothing and relaxing.

Create a cocoon by combining dark colors to reduce space, with neutrals such as beige to lighten the room and create a serene atmosphere. Combine several colors of interior paints and play on contrasts: painting the walls in different colors can create harmonies, give more intensity and dynamism to your interior design, bring color to a room by small touches without making it too loud or risk denaturalizing the room.

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