Great Tips for Living Room Color Ideas

Jun 13th

Living Room Color Ideas – You can join the look of your living room by choosing a color palette for your furniture, walls, floors, and decoration. Organize your shelves by tone, put wallpaper and let your colors guide the rest of your decorating options, and use art as an inspiration.

Many of us have large collections of books that live on the shelves of our living rooms. These shelves can cause problems and create a block of muddy, indistinct color. How to remedy this? The color code of the books. You can choose to create a rainbow wall of books by starting with red and progressing through the violet spectrum. You can also choose to work with the color palette of the room and show only the books whose spine colors fit into it. The last option may leave your shelves more sterile than you would like.

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Wallpaper has been out of fashion in recent years, but it is becoming strong with new style patterns and muted colors, instead of the brown and yellow palette of the 1970s or the flowers looking security from our grandmothers’ homes. It is a way to make a large color statement on one or all of your living room walls. Guide the palette of your wallpaper of the color selections in the rest of the room: With a gray and ivory floral pattern – as seen in this cafeteria – keep your furniture and carpets within that range of colors, then add an accent color, such as acid green, for decoration and accessories.