Get Fresh Vegetable Kitchen Garden Window

Jun 15th

Kitchen garden window – It is easy to grow vegetables – even if you don’t have a garden. Get tips on growing vegetables on the windowsill so you get fresh vegetables on the table every day. You certainly connect delicious, home-grown vegetables with a lush vegetable garden. If you do not have a vegetable garden, do not despair, because you can easily grow vegetables yourself – in your window sill!

If you want to start growing vegetables inside, a starting point is to regenerate the vegetables that you have already eaten, such as carrot stoppers, spring onions or sprouts. You do not need to use land to grow vegetables on the windowsill. If you only cultivate them in water, they will get nourished directly through the water and therefore grow faster upwards. It also makes the vegetables for beautiful and decorative plants in the kitchen window.

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Put the small stump of, for example, a spring onion, which you would otherwise throw out, into a glass with water, from which it can grow further. Make sure it gets good with sunlight – then the onion will quickly get new shots and be ready-sprouted in a few days. Change the water in the glass every week.