Garden Work Bench Design

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Garden work bench – There are all kinds of good reasons to have a work bench, but not everyone has space for a permanent work desk. A folding portable workbench is the answer. It offers many advantages over the traditional work table. It is lightweight, robust, easy to carry and convenient, and its storage is a snap. Since it can be placed flat against a wall, very necessary room is not collected, and can be carried to and from a project. And, if all that is not enough, it is cheap to do and it takes very little time to assemble.

Place a 3 x 5-foot piece of plywood sheets on a flat solid surface. Using 80 to 100 sandpaper, sand the edges of the plywood panels lightly to remove any plastic debris that may result in splinters from the skin. Hot glue two long Velcro strips to the top of each easel with a glue gun. Place each strip 12 inches from each end. Make sure you have the velcro oriented correctly in order to wrap around the top of the easel. You are creating straps on each end of each stand to secure the folding legs during storage.

Place each stand in an upside down position on the sheet of plywood 1 to 2 feet from the edge of the 3 foot long sheet of plywood. Open the folding legs of the trestle before connecting to the plywood to ensure that the legs will not extend beyond the plywood.

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