Garden Water Features Ideas

Jun 7th

Garden water features – If you have a small outdoor garden that you would like to beautify, create a small source of water for beauty and tranquility. Consider a fountain or pool for the cultivation of water lilies and other plants. Space will determine the type of water source you can install. Look in home improvement magazines for ideas and guidance on installation.

Create a bubbling urn to complement your small garden. Buy a fountain kit and a large garden urn from a garden store. Drill a hole in the bottom of the urn with a pointed carbide drill. Run the fountain kit line through the hole in the urn, and then empty the fishtail tank around the edge of the hole to seal it. Fill the urn with water, connect the source to an electric source and ignite the bubbles.

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Create a pond in a bucket using any container, bath-like water and water loving plants. An old stainless steel sink is a lovely choice of container. Buy a dechlorinator from a water store and large stones for decoration. Nestle the bathtub in your small garden, in an area where you will get good exposure to the sun. Fill the tub with inverted pots, stones and pottery pieces for the plants you grow on.