Garden Utility Cart Plan Ideas

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Garden utility cart can be very useful when performing outdoor tasks, such as carrying dirt or plants around the yard. This antique trolley will provide you with a way to carry gardening equipment in the yard with ease. This car can be built in approximately two days. Soon you will wonder how he could have gone without him.

Measure and draw the necessary shapes to the plywood. You will need a rectangle base that measures 23 inches by 4 feet, two sides of the rectangle that measure 4 feet by 15 inches, two rectangle braces that measure 28 inches by 3 inches, two handles that measure 6 feet by 2 inches, two clamps for the Legs that measure 2 inches by 15 inches, one side of the rectangle that is 23 inches by 15 inches, and a leg that measures 24 inches by 2 inches. You will also need two scrap metal strips that are 4 feet long.

Cut the shapes from the wood with the saw. Sand all shapes until they are soft. Use the jigsaw to round off the ends of the two sides of the carriage. Then, sand until smooth. Mount the base by placing the pieces as follows. Place the measuring keys 4 x 15 parallel to the ground. Place the 6 foot handles perpendicular to the first pieces on top of them.

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