Fun Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Jun 22nd

Living Room Paint Color Ideas – The living room can be like an old shoe. Comfortable. Family. And a little worn on the edges. One of the best ways to fix your living room is with a new coat of paint in a color that adds life and is also easy to live. If you use the space to read, watch TV, play games or just vegetating, cranberry, yellow or green can do wonders.

The family room should be comfortable and easy to live, but it does not have to be boring or common. Red colors add vital energy to a room. Since family rooms are often centers of high activity, a color like a cranberry would be suitable for an accent wall, at least. If your living room has a fireplace (unless it’s a red brick), you can choose to paint the wall around the cranberry fireplace. You can also consider painting the lower half of the cranberry wall and the upper half of a whitish shade, such as cream or ivory.

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Yellow connotes “joy and cordiality,” according to the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. What could be more suitable to make your living room a pleasant and cozy magnet for friends and family? Yellow tonalities can vary from bright jonquil or pale lemon canary or corn whiskers. You can choose to anchor this cheerful brown color with the stabilization of floors and furniture. You can also choose to paint only the top half of the walls – to include the roof – with yellow.