Fresh Unique Boho Pillow Cases

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Custom Boho Pillow Cases

Boho pillow cases have splashy colors and patterns. Are you interested in making the pillow cases in boho styles? Making easy patterns and following instruction will lead to a good result. Well, searching for some other references from other sites is just nice. You do not have to because we show you them on gallery of images.

First of all is determining the size. It is actually easy after you make the decision. Using measuring tape will do it. Do you want to just purchase the pillow cases? Etsy is a nice site where to do a research on the item. Here are some of its offerings.

Bohemian Kilim pillow set in zig zag lumbar is around USD 11.00. It is a vintage handmade item. You can find the boho pillow cases in different materials. Cotton, wool and combination of both, the choice is yours to make.

Coral throw boho pillow cases in measurement of 20×20 are around USD 18.95+. You can select the materials like zipper and jacquard fabric. More colors and patterns are available to best represent your taste of style.

Your bedding, sofa, couch and even day bed can have stunningly fresh and unique accessories. Whatever the style of your home, bohemian pillow cases add very exciting decor.

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