Fresh And Pretty Indoor Herb Garden Planter

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Fresh And Pretty Indoor Herb Garden Planter

Herb garden planter – Make room on the counter and hang your herbs on the wall! Fresh herbs make the heart of real foodies beat faster in every kitchen, whether they are used for a green smoothie, a fine pesto or a homemade sandwich spread. With herbs such as basil, thyme and oregano, even simple dishes become a true delight. Make a vertical pallet planter to make a cute indoor garden easily and cheaply. They offer enough space for growing herbs and succulents without taking up much floor space.

Earlier we wrote a lot about the use of a ladder planter on a balcony or roof garden. A practical idea! You can also apply it to your inner garden! An old ladder is perfect for growing multiple indoor plants in a limited space. To make this, simply add different wooden boards on the ladder stairs to make boards. Then plant your house plants on it, but make sure you place house plants that have similar lighting needs.

A unique (or perhaps bizarre) way to show your favorite house plants. This simple project only requires some waste wood, rope and a few simple woodworking tools. The best thing about it is that watering with the system becomes a piece of cake. All outflow from the previous pot drips into the plants below, so you just have to water the plant and certainly place a dish under the bottom pot.

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