Evenflo Gate – Safe And Wide

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Evenflo Position Lock Door Gate

Keep your children safe from unsafe areas with Evenflo gate. Even at home, household dangers are indeed causing troubles to them. As one significant way to protect the beloved ones, safe and wide gate evenflo will do the task for you. Just sit and relax with convenience knowing that your baby is safe completely. Why safe and wide Evenflo gate ? There are several good reasons to answer the question.

The mesh gate is easy to install to quickly use. There is no possibility of damaging your home due to no use of hardware at all. The easy setup is given by the horizontal rods. They make easy removal and storage as well. Easy to clean fabric is also a great advantage for a good looking design.

Safe and wide Evenflo gate is usable in different areas. Hallways, doorways, laundry rooms, playrooms, top and bottom of stairs and all other possible spots are just nice. The design is classy with pressure mounted which indeed easy in installation. Portability allows you to take it even to use for traveling.

A variety of openings can have the safe and wide gate. Whatever your home décor, neutral styling makes it always blend very well. The dimension is 27 inches tall and 38-60 inches of width. These are good reasons of why selecting the gate.

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