Durable Exterior House Colors Combinations

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Durable Exterior House Colors Combinations

When choose exterior house colors combinations or other exterior elements, you should always keep two things in mind: the durability of the result and its aesthetic qualities. To make your choice easier, create an exterior color palette from the elements of the house that will not change, such as the roof and stone or brick components. Favor colors that are both contrasting and complementary to highlight the architectural features and give them a new dimension. Shades of related colors will unify the different elements.

As with the interior, the color rendition applied to the exterior varies according to the position of the painted surface in relation to the light. The end result could be slightly different from the color sample. Avoid mistakes by first getting a 976 ml container of the desired color and apply it to inconspicuous areas on all sides of the house. Check your test sections at different times of the day to validate your choice.

Color is only one aspect to consider when choosing an exterior painting; the finish is another factor of the utmost importance. A lustrous finish is the perfect choice for the main facings – it’s not very reflective, it adds a bit of shine, hides surface imperfections and cleans up well.

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