Delicious Ideas Vegetable Garden Design

Jun 5th

Delicious cooking with vegetables and herbs from your own garden . Or start a vegetable garden design with your children , maintain it and enjoy the harvest. The vegetable garden in your garden – large or small – is fun, educational and healthy . In every garden there is room for a vegetable garden. There are various ways to design a vegetable garden, for example in pots and planters . Read below tips and ideas for a nice vegetable garden in your garden.

Many vegetable and herb plants cannot stand night frost. For example, basil, tomato plants and bell pepper plants freeze immediately in the frost. But other young vegetable and herb plants also do not tolerate frost. Therefore ask which plants can and cannot stand the cold or wait until the frost has disappeared. You can of course also choose to sow in a protected, frost-free place.

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Of course, there is no pesticide associated with a vegetable garden. This way you are 100% sure that you eat organic. Regularly check the plants for, for example, caterpillars or other insects. And accept that sometimes something fails or is eaten from leaves. Not every type of vegetable or herb that you sow or plant needs the same space. Take this into account.