Creating a Beautiful Rock Garden

Jun 6th

Planting a new garden or a theme garden is not always easy. Various gardens require a different approach and as a starting gardener you are not always aware of the specific requirements. Certain gardens, such as the rock garden, are loved because they are low maintenance and ideal for busy fellow people. But creating a beautiful rock garden is no easy task and ensuring that it continues to shine requires some knowledge.

When constructing a rock garden you don’t want a boring, static garden, but a living painting that changes with the seasons. The basis is very important here. So make use of different types of stones, both in shape and appearance, large and small. When placing your stones, leave enough space between the stones to place your plants.

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Perhaps you already have an idea where you want to plant your rock garden, but is that place suitable? Can it use some light and soil as a place for a rock garden? For example, you can create a location yourself, by constructing a hill, by means of soil and stones, on which you build your rock garden. Look for examples of rock gardens and get ideas for your own rock garden.