Cozy Garden Stool with Wheels

Jun 4th

Garden stool with wheels – When the weather is nice you want to sit in the garden. Then a garden bench is of course a cozy outcome. Take a rest and look at all the beautiful things in the garden. You can make your own wooden garden bench on different levels. Time to roll up your sleeves! Which of the garden benches below will you build yourself? Are you going for simplicity, bright colors or for the extra storage options?

Get inspired and get started! Just click through at each bench for the construction plan of the garden bench and then you can put on your DIY clothes and get started! The great thing about cedar wood is that it is light, easy to work with, stable (useful feature for a garden bench) and finally also durable. The latter feature ensures that the bench is naturally protected against rotting.

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It is a simple, yet playful yet sleekly designed bench. Especially the idea to process plants in the sides of the bench is very nice. This way you immediately save space for plant pots. It is a kind of all-in-1 garden bench. Handy for in small gardens or on the balcony! Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!