Cool Color Changing Led Rope Lights

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Cool Color Changing Led Rope Lights

Color changing led rope lights – Incandescent bulbs produce light through a controlled burn of a fiber filament. They turn electricity into heat with the light. The light-emitting diode (LED) lights up all the electricity they are fed to light. An LED can only use 10 percent of the energy a light bulb burns to make the same amount of light. The US Department of Energy’s Energy Star website states: “If all decorative light strings sold in America this year were ENERGY STAR qualified [spend 0.2 watts per bulb or less], we would save over 2 billion kWh per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions corresponding to almost 300,000 cars ”

LED rope lights can last as much as 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs. Getting the Energy Star rating, 97 percent of the bulbs on a string should burn, after 1,000 continuous hours on. LEDs are cool to the touch. Because LEDs burn nothing but produce light of exciting electrons by a semiconductor they do not get hot.

It makes them safer for most applications of rope light, such as decorating holiday trees. LEDs are best for applications that require little light from each bulb, but it is not a problem in rope light, where many small lights often produce the same effect desired.

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