Concrete Acid Stain Colors Ideas

Jun 18th

Concrete acid stain colorsThe use of acid stain on a concrete surface, such as a patio, slab or wall will improve the concrete, and give it a professional finish. Acid stains come in a variety of colors, which the homeowner can use to create a unique and customized concrete finish. An acid stain will last much more in concrete than the paint, and will provide an attractive appearance similar to stone. The application of acid stain to concrete will take preparation steps that are essential to obtain the best results.

Wear safety glasses, rubber boots and rubber gloves to protect your skin and clothing from the acid stain. Remove everything you need to protect from the acid stain, from the surface and surrounding areas of the concrete. Use painter’s tape to secure plastic sheets to baseboards, walls or other objects in the nearby area. Apply a concrete cleaner to the surface according to the recommended instructions indicated on the product label. Rub the cleaner into the concrete, using a long-handled brush with hard bristles.

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Fill a bucket with clean water. Moisten a clean cloth with water. Use it to rinse the concrete free of cleaner residues. Continue cleaning the concrete until no soap residue remains. Remove standing water in the concrete with a large squeegee. Allow the concrete to dry anywhere from 12 to 48 hours, depending on the ambient temperature. Mix the concrete acid dye in a plastic pump sprayer according to the included color chart and mixing instructions. Different manufacturers will have different instructions to mix the colors of acid inks with water.